Twisted Wire

Used for knotting pearls; very fragile; usually not reusable; has collapsing eye.

English Beading Needles (known as “longs”)

The smaller the needle the larger the number; calibrated to work with seed beads; #10 needle works with #10 seed beads.

Sharps (know as “shorts”)

Fine with small round eye; strong; good for beading on leather; various sizes.


Large eye; blunt point; good with large beads; good for children.


Eyes are long; easy to thread; usually thicker; work with large beads.


Used for quilting; shorter than Sharps; finer; works with leather and smaller beads.


Long, sharp need; long eye; easy to thread; used for weaving and with larger beads.

Flossing Needles

Not really a needle; used for dental work; large eye; sturdy and reusable.

Soft Flex Speeder Beader

For threading Soft Flex and Soft Touch wire; sized for 010, 014, 019, 024 wire in two lengths: 2.5” and 2.25”. Push Soft Flex beading wire into the pan at a 30-45 degree angle. The pan will guide the wire into the Beader.

Asian Beading Needles

Economy beading needles.

Big Eye

Two needles soldered together forming an eye which allows virtually any item to pass through.

Pearl Stringing Needle

High quality pearl stringing needles made in Germany.


Curved or uncurved. Sized from GL10 (finest) to GL1 (heaviest).

Griffin Soft Wire Twisted Needles Wire

Come in Fine, Medium, Heavy approximately 4” long with collapsible eye; same as supplied with the Griffin bead cord.

Flexible Steel Twisted Wire Needles with Memory

Come in sizes: Extra Fine; Fine, Medium, Medium/Heavy, Heavy and Extra Heavy.

Twisted Wire Brass Needles

Come in sizes Fine, Medium and Heavy.

Long Darners

.027” diameter and .024” diameter.

Beading/Wire Strip Loom/Lace Needle

This beading needle is used for wide strip looming and lace work. It will accommodate an 11/00 seed bead and a 13/0 French seed bead. It is the straight version of the spinning wheel needle.

Spinning Wheel Needle

Curved to use with the Spinning Wheel.

Crochet Hooks

Made of steel; Sized 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11/12, 13/14